The Central West End in St. Louis

The Central West End in St. Louis is one of the most important historical and cultural centers in this celebrated city. Still privately owned and protected by the municipality, this hundred-year-old district features trendy culture and events for any type of visitor, from the sophisticated to the fun-seeking.

Former home to many American icons, such as Tennessee Williams, Kate Chopin and William Burroughs, the Central West End in St. Louis has numerous private homes which provide an excellent study in glorious Art Deco design. Several owners open their homes to visitors wanting a closer look at their unique beauty.

Activities include a 5K run with thousands of participants, a Breakfast for Bikers event featuring environmentally friendly riding bicycles, and public showings of free film classics like "The Philadelphia Story". St. Louis' Central West End is an ideal place for a family to come and enjoy offerings both active and cultural.